2022 Tax Filing Season: Best Tax Topics for CPAs and Enrolled Agents

The 2022 tax filing season is upon us. CPAs and enrolled agents need up-to-date resources in order to be prepared. Now is the time to refresh your knowledge of federal tax laws and take a look at rule changes for next year.

Personal Taxes

Practical aspects of return preparation and individual planning for the 2022 tax filing season include the following topics:

  • Gross income, adjusted gross income and taxable income
  • Standard deductions, itemized deductions and personal exemptions
  • Tax credits
  • Joint returns, separate returns and head of household
  • Dividends, capital gain distributions and undistributed capital gains
  • Expenses, deductions and accounting
  • Property transfers
  • Like-kind exchanges
  • Capital gains
  • Retirement plans
  • Passive losses
  • Alternative minimum tax
  • Covid-19 and the CARES Act tax provisions

Suggested CPE courses

1040 Workshop 2019 tax CPE course

1040 Workshop

The course examines and explains the practical aspects of return preparation and individual planning, bridging the gap between theory and application. Significant new developments are summarized with emphasis on tax savings ideas. Practical applications and illustrations are used to systematically explore tax deferral, reduction, and elimination opportunities accompanying return preparation. (26 hrs CPE credit).

2020 Tax Update CPE Course

Federal Tax Update

***Includes Covid-19 tax effect summary: CARES Act Supplement.***

This course examines key individual, business, retirement, and estate tax provisions recently enacted or indexed for inflation in an overview format that is easy to reference. The emphasis is on quick access to major tax changes having special meaning to the tax practitioner and return preparer. (6 hrs CPE credit)

Covid-19 Tax Relief Sujmary

Covid-19 Tax Relief Summary

Covid-19 Tax Relief Summary is an overview and of tax provisions contained in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act signed by President Trump on March 18, 2020 and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act signed on March 27, 2020. These Acts have been supplemented by pronouncements from the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service. These emergency coronavirus provisions are intended to limit the spread of the pandemic, support relief efforts, and stabilize the economy.

TCJA Individual Tax Reform Online CPE Course

Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: Individual Tax Reform

TCJA Review: Individual Tax Reform provides a thorough review of the Individual Tax  provisions of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. The course includes detailed discussion of the provisions that have been changed and the sections that were not changed with TCJA. Included in the discussion are sections on:

  • Reduction and simplification of individual income tax rates
  • Treatment of business income of individuals, trusts, and estates
  • Simplification and reform of family and individual tax credits
  • Simplification and reform of deductions and exclusions
  • Simplification and reform of savings, pensions and retirement
  • Modifications to estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfers taxes
  • Alternative minimum tax
  • Elimination of shared responsibility payment for individuals failing to maintain minimal essential health insurance coverage
  • Other provisions, such as ABLE accounts, whistleblower awards, and extension of time for contesting IRS levies

Corporate Taxation, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships and Other Business Forms

C Corporations, their formation, and operation under tax law should be reviewed so that the tax treatment of operational expenses, deductions, and accounting periods and methods are understood. Along with this, the tax rules of sole proprietorships, partnerships, subchapter S and personal service corporations should be reviewed.

Topics include:

  • Ordinary “C” corporations
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Estates & trusts
  • Unincorporated associations
  • Subchapter S corporations
  • Personal service corporations

Suggested CPE courses

S Corporations Mini Course (3 hrs CPE credit)

In this course, the intricacies of setting up and terminating an S corporation are detailed and taxation is discussed. The numerous advantages and disadvantages of this entity are identified.


Corporate Taxation Mini-Course (2 hrs CPE credit)

This course examines and explains the basics of corporate taxation. The focus is on regular or C corporations, their formation, and operation under tax law. The advantages and disadvantage of corporations are examined; incorporation and capitalization issues are discussed; and, basic tax rates and specialty taxes are reviewed.

TCJA Business Tax Reform CPE Course

TCJA: Business Tax Reform (13 hrs CPE credit)

TCJA Review: Business Tax Reform provides a thorough review of the Business Tax  provisions of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. The course includes detailed discussion of the provisions that have been changed and the sections that were not changed with TCJA. Included in the discussion are sections on tax rates, small business reforms, energy credits, compensation, business related exclusion, deductions, and more.

Business tax CPE course

Business Taxation (24 hrs CPE credit)

This course is a fast-paced and entertaining guide through tax issues affecting business entities and their owners. The focus of this course is on tax devices and techniques available to the small-business owner. Emphasis will be given to operational deductions, fringe benefits, compensation, family income splitting, retirement plans, and estate planning.

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