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CourseField of StudyCPE HrsOnline PriceIncluded in MEGA
Auto Taxation RulesTaxes2$24Yes
Ethics for AccountantsEthics4$39No
Accounting for Earnings Per ShareAccounting3$47Yes
FASB Update & ReviewAccounting16$116Yes
**MEGA CPE Special Bundle1,000+$199/$229Yes
GAAP Tax Basis OverviewAccounting16$113Yes
Financial Tax Planning Mini-CourseTaxes2.5$30Yes
Real Estate Financing & InvestmentFinance4$39Yes
Ethics for Enrolled Agents & Tax Professionals: Overview of Circular 230Ethics2$24No
CPA Ethics: General Standards & Acts DiscreditableEthics1$12No
Ethics for FloridaEthics4$39No
Not-for-Profit Accounting: Reporting & AnalysisAccounting5$67Yes
Auditing UpdateAuditing16$116Yes
SSARS No. 21 - 26: An Overview of the Compilation & Review StandardsAuditing12$93Yes
Ethics for New YorkEthics4$39No
Accounting and Financial Reporting UpdateAccounting16$116Yes
Accounting and Auditing Standards UpdateAccounting, Auditing24$144Yes
Corporate Tax PlanningTaxes21$119Yes
S Corporations Mini-courseTaxes3$31Yes
Assets, Income and CashTaxes14.5$109Yes
Family Tax PlanningTaxes24$144Yes
Business TaxationTaxes24$144Yes
Ethics for CaliforniaEthics4$59No
Corporate TaxationTaxes2$33Yes
Bankruptcy Tax IssuesTaxes2$24Yes
Partnership TaxationTaxes13.5$105Yes
*Unlimited TAX Special Bundle500+$179/$199Yes
Complete Guide to Estate & Gift TaxationTaxes34.5$173Yes
Analyzing Cost Data for ManagementAccounting9$103Yes
Matching Investments to Tax Saving TechniquesTaxes13.5$105Yes
Auditing Standards - Major Changes: ASB Clarity Project, SAS Nos. 122-133Auditing8$99Yes
Choice of EntityTaxes22.5$140Yes
Employee Compensation & BenefitsTaxes3.5$36Yes
Health Care Act of 2010: Selected Tax & Other ProvisionsTaxes2$33Yes
Education Tax BenefitsTaxes2$24Yes
Ethics for OhioEthics3$47No
Ethics for ArizonaEthics4$39No
Governmental Accounting & ReportingAccounting (Governmental)8$99Yes
Statement of Cash Flows: Reporting & AnalysisAccounting2.5$39Yes
Social Media MarketingCommunications & Marketing5.5$69Yes
Fast Track Retirement PlanningTaxes17.5$115Yes
Guide to Corporate & Individual TaxationTaxes35.5$178Yes
Ultimate Guide to Retirement PlanningTaxes31.5$158Yes
Cybersecurity: A Guide for AccountantsInformation Technology10$88Yes
Financial Essentials for Nonprofit ManagersFinance12$93Yes
Managing & Improving Cash FlowFinance6.5$63Yes
Fraud: Ensuring Integrity in Financial ReportingAccounting6$59Yes
Revenue Recognition: Practical GuideAccounting6.5$63Yes
101 Financial Solutions: Diagnosis & RemedyManagement Services10.5$81Yes
Internal Control and Fraud DetectionAuditing8$70Yes
Supervision: Essentials for SuccessPersonnel/Human Resources10$107Yes
Techniques of Financial Analysis, Modeling, & ForecastingFinance13$94Yes
Financial Forecasting: Tools & ApplicationsFinance8$99Yes
Derivatives and Hedging for AccountantsFinance5.5$69Yes
Fair Value AccountingAccounting, Auditing5.5$69Yes
IFRS in the USA Accounting6$77Yes
Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Overview Finance12$115Yes
Economic Indicators: A Comprehensive Overview Finance11.5$110Yes
Business Combinations & Consolidated Financial Reporting Accounting4$59Yes
Compilation and Review Engagements: Recent Developments Auditing20$117Yes
The Pocket MBA: Concepts & Strategies Management Services13$115Yes
Ethics for Texas Ethics4$39No
Analysis of the Corporate Annual Report Accounting4$59Yes
2024 Easy Tax Update & Inflation AdjustmentsTaxes8$70Yes
Ethics for Washington StateEthics4$39No
Retirement Plans Mini-courseTaxes3.5$36Yes
Estate Planning EssentialsTaxes10.5$109Yes
Complete Guide to InvestingFinance12$113Yes
Asset Protection Mini-courseTaxes2$24Yes
Understanding the EconomyEconomics7.5$73Yes
Estate Planning with Business IssuesTaxes2$24Yes
Business Expenses Mini-courseTaxes2$24Yes
Selected Legal Issues with Tax AnalysisTaxes2$24Yes
Like-Kind ExchangesTaxes14$107Yes
Business Travel & EntertainmentTaxes2$24Yes
Asset Protection: Tax & Financial AspectsTaxes17.5$123Yes
TCJA: A Complete ReviewTaxes30$129Yes
Ethics for MassachusettsEthics4$39No
TCJA: Individual Tax ReformTaxes8$99Yes
SAS 146-148: Recently Issued Auditing StandardsAuditing2$24Yes
1040 Workshop Sec 1: Individual Tax ElementsTaxes6.5$63Yes
Analysis & Use of Financial StatementsAccounting10$107Yes
Ethics for IllinoisEthics4$39No
Ethics for MichiganEthics2$33No
Ethics for OregonEthics4$39No
Accounting for Leases: The New Standard - ASU 2016-02Accounting10$88Yes
Valuations: Businesses, Securities, and Real EstateFinance2.5$39Yes
Estate Planning with Selected IssuesTaxes21.5$120Yes
Real Estate TaxationTaxes11$88Yes
Ethics for MarylandEthics4$39No
Ethics for IdahoEthics4$39No
Ethics for New York: Tax ConcentrationEthics4$39No
Ethics for UtahEthics4$39No
Tax, Bankruptcy & Financial ProblemsTaxes19.5$127Yes
Divorce Transfers & SettlementsTaxes2$24Yes
Basic Marital Tax MattersTaxes2$24Yes
Defensive DivorceTaxes16$116Yes
*Accounting & Auditing BUNDLE Bundle178$169Yes
Accounting for Pensions & Postretirement BenefitsAccounting7$68Yes
Specialized GAAP - Real Estate AccountingAccounting2$33Yes
Guide to Tax Resolution: Solving IRS ProblemsTaxes6$77Yes
Balance Sheet Reporting: AssetsAccounting5$67Yes
TCJA: Business Tax ReformTaxes13$115Yes
TCJA: Exempt OrganizationsTaxes1$18Yes
TCJA: International Tax ProvisionsTaxes8$99Yes
Information Security: Basic Safeguards for PractitionersInformation Technology6$77Yes
Network Security for Internal Control AssuranceInformation Technology8$99Yes
Professional Ethics for CPAsEthics4$39No
Ethics Principles & Conduct for CPAsEthics4$39No
Idaho Ethics: Accountancy Act & Accountancy RulesEthics2$24No
New Audit & Reporting Standards (SAS 134-141)Auditing10$88Yes
Family Estate PlanningTaxes2$24Yes
Installment SalesTaxes2$24Yes
Retirement Income: Maximizing Tax Saving StrategiesTaxes3$31Yes
AICPA Ethics: Code of Professional ConductEthics3$31No
Passive Loss Limitation & At-Risk RulesTaxes2.5$30Yes
Sec. 199A Pass-Through Business DeductionTaxes2$24Yes
Government Auditing Standards: Foundations Auditing (Governmental)2$33Yes
Covid-19 Tax Relief Summary Taxes3$31Yes
Government Auditing Standards: Performance Audits Auditing (Governmental)5$67Yes
Government Auditing Standards: Professional Requirements Auditing (Governmental)3$47Yes
Complying with Governmental Auditing Standards & Ethics ReviewAuditing (Governmental)4$59Yes
Government Performance Audits: Field Work & ReviewAuditing (Governmental)3$47Yes
Revenue Standard ASC 606: Implementation & Guidance for Private EntitiesAccounting8$70Yes
Post-Covid Economy: Accounting & Financial ReportingAccounting, Auditing4$39Yes
Yellow Book Standards for Attestation & Review EngagementsAuditing (Governmental)3$47Yes
Yellow Book OverviewAuditing (Governmental)1$18Yes
Business Succession Planning: Entities & TitleTaxes2$24Yes
Compensation Strategy for Small to Medium-Sized BusinessesTaxes3$31Yes
Marginal Profitability Analysis VIDEO COURSE Finance1.5$18Yes
Liquidity Magagement VIDEO COURSE Finance3$31Yes
PPP Loans and Forgiveness: Accounting & Financial ReportingAccounting2$24Yes
Governmental Auditing Standards Compliance & EthicsAuditing (Governmental)4$59Yes
Business Loan BasicsFinance3$31Yes
Ethics for ColoradoEthics4$59No
SSARS No. 25: Revisions to the Review Standard Determining MaterialityAuditing4$39Yes
SAS 142-145: New Auditing StandardsAuditing4$39Yes
Ethics for Connecticut Ethics4$59No
CPA Ethics: Integrity, Objectivity & IndependenceEthics2$24No
Tax Basis Financial StatementsAccounting, Auditing10$88Yes
Balance Sheet Reporting: EquityAccounting2.5$39Yes
Balance Sheet Reporting: LiabilitiesAccounting5$67Yes
Income Statement: Accounting & ReportingAccounting4$59Yes
*Financial Reporting Bundle Bundle57.5$159Yes
Accounting for InvestmentsAccounting4$59Yes
Specialized GAAP: Media & Entertainment IndustryAccounting3$47Yes
Accounting Tools & Metrics for the CFOAccounting16$113Yes
Business Law: The Legal Environment of BusinessBusiness Law12$115Yes
Climate Change Accounting & Sustainability ReportingAccounting, Economics3.5$36Yes
Entrepreneurial Finance VIDEO COURSE Finance6$59Yes
Key Performance Indicators VIDEO COURSE Management Services2$24Yes
Ethics for VirginiaEthics2$24No
Employee Retention Credit (ERC) & PTE TaxAccounting2$24Yes
Full Disclosure in Financial ReportingAccounting2.5$39Yes
Ethics for Mississippi CPASEthics4$59No
Project Management: A Financial PerspectiveManagement Services9$103Yes
Behavioral Finance VIDEO COURSE Finance5$49Yes
Information Security: Malware Trends & Mitigation StrategiesInformation Technology6$77Yes
Understanding the Statement of Cash FlowsAccounting3$47Yes
Introduction to Agile Project ManagementManagement Services2$33Yes
Project Management Duties for CPAsManagement Services3$47Yes
Effective Communication Styles for CPAsCommunications & Marketing2$33Yes
Effective Listening Styles for CPAsCommunications & Marketing2$33Yes
Improving Writing Skills for CPAsCommunications & Marketing2$33Yes
Conflict ManagementPersonal Development2$33Yes
Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) VIDEO COURSE Management Services3$31Yes
*VIDEO CPE Bundle Bundle40$149Yes
Inflation Reduction Act of 2022Taxes2$33Yes
Adding a New Location: Key Financial ConsiderationsManagement Services4$39Yes
A CPA's Code of Ethical ConductEthics2$24No
Equity Investing EssentialsFinance1.5$18Yes
Financial Planning Basics for IndividualsFinance4$39Yes
Ethics for Nevada CPAsEthics4$39No
SBA Loans: Funding & Resources for Small BusinessesFinance2.5$30Yes
Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures: Practical GuideFinance6$59Yes
Better Budgeting: Master Budget & Sub-Budgets VIDEO COURSE Finance4$39Yes
Better Budgeting: The Budget Process VIDEO COURSE Finance2.5$30Yes
Better Budgeting: Budgeting Alternatives VIDEO COURSE Finance3.5$36Yes
1040 Workshop Sec 2: Expenses, Deductions, & AccountingTaxes7$68Yes
1040 Workshop Sec 3: Property Transfers & Retirement PlansTaxes6.5$63Yes
1040 Workshop Sec 4: Losses, AMT, & ComplianceTaxes4$39Yes
*1040 Workshop Bundle Taxes24$144Yes