Ultimate Guide to Retirement Planning Book Only

Optional printed book to supplement the online course #9025 Ultimate Guide to Retirement Planning.

To obtain CPE credit for this course you must purchase online exam access. Online access includes a pdf version of the book. Purchasing the printed book is optional.

Purchase the online course hereUltimate Guide to Retirement Planning (31.5 hrs)

This course is essential for participants who wish to attain a comfortable retirement for themselves and their clients by maximizing tax saving strategies. This presentation integrates federal taxation with retirement planning. The course will examine tax and savings strategies related to determining retirement income needs, wealth building, capital preservation, and estate distribution. The result is a unified explanation of tax-economics that will permit the tax professional to locate, analyze, and solve financial aspects of retirement.

Format: Soft cover binder. 710 pages.
Course Revision Date: March 2022

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