Accounting and Financial Reporting Update Book Only

Optional printed book to supplement the online course #F010 Accounting and Financial Reporting Update (16 hrs)

To obtain CPE credit for this course you must purchase online exam access. Online access includes a pdf version of the book. Purchasing the printed book is optional.

Purchase the online course here: Accounting and Financial Reporting Update (16 hrs)

A discussion of the various changes to accounting and financial reporting affecting the accounting professional. Topics include a review of FASB projects, including those related to financial performance, leases, and financial instruments, practice issues involving the statement of cash flows, fair value reporting, pensions,  the international convergence project, little GAAP, and more.   The structure of the course is to encourage the reader to recall existing GAAP rules coupled with identifying, stating and outlining rules related to new and proposed pronouncements. The course also has a discussion of accounting and financial reporting issues related to COVID-19.

Format: 3-ring binder. 360 pages.
Course Revision Date: May 2021

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