Tax Courses

Taxation Courses accepted by the IRS and in all 50 states for CPE credit

All of our taxation CPE courses are included in the Unlimited Tax Special and the MEGA CPE Special.

Tax CPE courses in topics such as 1040 preparation, corporate taxation, partnerships, like-kind exchanges, bankruptcy, retirement planning, and more.

Plus, the tax bundle includes the 2-hr Tax Preparer Ethics course required by the IRS for enrolled agents. We also report your hours to the IRS at no additional charge if you need that service for your PTIN renewal.

State CPA Board Acceptance

Our tax CPE Courses are accepted in all 50 states for continuing education hours for CPAs.

Retirement Plans 3 hr CPE Course

Retirement Plans Mini-Course 2018 (3 hrs)

This presentation integrates federal taxation with retirement planning. The emphasis is on practical simplicity in dealing with the self-employed and highly compensated individual.

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Family Estate Planning online CPE course

Family Estate Planning (2 hrs)

This course surveys wills, living trusts, gifts, insurance, marital property and probate avoidance.

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Installment Sales 2 hr CPE Course

Installment Sales (2 hrs)

A discussion of the particulars of installment sales, including requirements, calculation, and pitfalls.

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1040 Workshop tax CPE course

1040 Workshop 2018 (30 Hrs)

The course examines and explains the practical aspects of 1040 return preparation and individual planning, bridging the gap between theory and application.

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Retirement Income: Maximizing Tax-Saving Strategies CPE course

Retirement Income: Maximizing Tax Saving Strategies (3 hrs)

Retirement income needs are analyzed; Social Security benefits are determined, and distribution options from IRAs and retirement plans are explored.

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2018 Tax Update CPE course

2018 Easy Tax Update & Inflation Adjustments (6 hrs)

Federal tax update with emphasis on quick access to major tax changes having special meaning to the tax practitioner and return preparer.

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Tax Cuts & Jobs Act CPE course

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (4 hr CPE course)

An overview of selected changes enacted by TCJA.

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Guide to Tax Resolution: Solving IRS Problems CPE course

Guide to Tax Resolution: Solving IRS Problems (7.5 hrs)

Guide to tax resolution and solving IRS problems.

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Marital Tax Matters 2 hr online CPE course

Basic Marital Tax Matters (2 hrs)

Marital tax matters such as living together, property rights, premarital agreements, filing status, exemptions, and dependents are explored.

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Divorce Transfers & Settlements 2 hr online CPE course

Divorce Transfers and Settlements (2 hrs)

A review of property settlements and other transfers incident to divorce.

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Tax, Bankruptcy & Financial Problems CPE course

Tax, Bankruptcy and Financial Problems (19.5 hrs)

A discussion of the strategic tax aspects of bankruptcy, divorce, property settlements, debt cancellation, foreclosure, elderly and estate planning.

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Real Estate Taxation CPE Course for CPAs

Real Estate Taxation (11.5 hrs)

Real estate taxation course with topics impacting property owners and investors - Installment sales, imputed interest, exchanges, passive loss rules & more.

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Estate Planning with Selected Issues (21.5 hrs)

This exceptional course surveys wills, living trusts, gifts, marital property, and probate avoidance.

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Corporate Tax Planning 21 hr online CPE course

Corporate Tax Planning (21 hrs.)

This course examines and explains the practical aspects of using the closely held corporation to maximize after-tax return on business operations.

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Employment Taxes CPE Course

Employment Taxes (1.5 hrs)

This course covers different employment taxes including federal income tax withholding, Social Security, Medicare and federal unemployment tax.

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Business Travel & Entertainment Deductions CPE Course

Business Travel & Entertainment (2 hrs)

This comprehensive mini-course examines and explains the practical aspects of business travel and entertainment deductions.

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Like Kind Exchanges CPE Course

Like-Kind Exchanges (13.5 hrs)

This course alerts the practitioner to the different planning opportunities that surround exchanging. Participants will be able to identify, analyze, and handle effectively the complex tax problems that arise under 1031.

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Selected Legal Issues with Tax Analysis CPE course

Selected Legal Issues With Tax Analysis (2 hrs)

The emphasis of this 2 hr course is on the tax consequences of common legal issues in today's litigious society.

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Business Expenses CPE Course for CPAs

Business Expenses Mini-course (2 hrs)

This mini-course reviews various expenses that businesses may deduct and the requirements that must be met for those expenses to qualify for deduction.

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Estate Planning with Business Issues

Estate Planning with Business Issues (2 hrs)

Devised to reduce or eliminate estate problems and death taxes, this compre-hensive guide examines wills, trusts, gifts, insurance, private annuities, and other general estate planning tools.

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Estate Planning Essentials

Estate Planning Essentials (12 hrs)

Designed to eliminate estate problems and death taxes, the emphasis of this course is on practical solutions that are cost effective.

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Asset Protection CPE Course for CPAs

Asset Protection Mini-course (2 hrs)

This mini-course is designed to survey opportunities for asset protection that can arise during tax planning and to determine proper reporting.

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Guide to Retirement Planning CPE course

Ultimate Guide to Retirement Planning (31.5 hrs)

This course is essential for participants who wish to attain a comfortable retirement for themselves and their clients by maximizing tax saving strategies.

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Corporate & Individual Taxation Guide

Guide to Corporate & Individual Taxation (35 hrs)

This course enables participants to discuss and handle business/personal tax essentials.

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