Decision-making Functions in Excel

Become a decision-maker using Excel. Excel has many logic functions that can help you automate decision-making whether it is determining if sales quotas have been met, compensation plans met, discounts achieved based on quantity or simply selecting a sample. This course is a video and covers the Excel logic functions of IF, AND and OR. It then discusses other decision-making functions such as SumIF, SUMIFs, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIFs, as well as IFERROR and IFNA. This course is based upon Excel 2007 through 2013 and includes an Excel worksheet file.

Price: $18
Format: Video with companion Excel worksheet file
Prerequisites: Basic file management skills such as opening and closing files as well as how to do simple calculations in a spreadsheet.
Advance Preparation: None
Level: Basic to Intermediate
CPE Credit: 1 Hr.
Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
Course expiration:  You have one year from date of purchase to complete the course.
Course Revision Date: January 2016