CPE Courses


Adding A New Location: Key Financial Considerations (4 hrs)

This VIDEO course explores some the the key financial considerations when opening a new location.


Behavioral Finance (5 hrs)

This VIDEO course explores many of the thinking errors and biases exhibited by all people, even the experts. You'll be able to identify the nonfinancial wants that drive the financial decisions of your clients. We'll then identify ways to improve financial decision-making in the contexts of personal financial planning and business financial management.


Business Loan Basics (2 hrs)

Explore business loan funding basics and key loan components in this engaging VIDEO COURSE.


Entrepreneurial Finance (6 hrs)

This VIDEO COURSE provides a financial overview of the entrepreneurial journey from startup to operational decisions to exit planning.


Key Performance Indicators (2 hrs)

This VIDEO COURSE covers the benefits and roles of KPIs and the components of a KPI dashboard.


Liquidity Management: Profitability vs. Cash Flow (3 hrs)

This VIDEO COURSE shows you how to help clients assess current and future cash flows. You learn techniques to increase cash flow and reduce dips in cash flow.


Marginal Profitability Analysis (1.5 hrs)

Learn how to use marginal profitability analysis to make better business decisions in this engaging VIDEO COURSE. Includes helpful Excel templates.


Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) – 3 hrs

This VIDEO course walks you through the basics and benefits of OKRs and why they are so powerful. The OKR cycle is discussed, including setting stretch goals to scoring achievement. Managing with OKRs and mastering the tips and tricks to implementing OKRS is also highlighted.


SBA Loans: Funding & Resources for Small Businesses (2.5 hrs)

This VIDEO course helps business owners and their advisors better understand the purpose of SBA loan programs, who's eligible, and whether SBA loans are the right funding option for the business.

Video CPE Bundle

Video CPE Bundle

Video CPE course bundle - A Total of 9 courses, 29 hours of Finance & Management CPE.